About the Author

Born in Long Beach, California, USA, in 1934, the author received the AB degree from Pomona College and PhD from Princeton University. He has held postdoctoral and visiting professorships at the University of Virginia, the Pennsylvania State University, the Delta Primate Center of Tulane University, the University of Stirling (Scotland), the Medical Research Council, Cambridge (UK), the University of Mysore (India), and the University of California at Berkeley.

He is the author of Psychology: the experimental approach (McGrawHill, 1968, 1972), Emotion [with others] (Brooks/Cole, now Thompson, 1973, 2003), and Feral Children and Clever Animals (Oxford, 1993,1995). He is the recipient of the American Psychological Foundation award for Distinguished Teaching (1977) and a like award from the Animal Behavior Society of America (1999).

Now Professor of Psychology and Animal Behavior (Homer P. Rainey Professor, emeritus) at Bucknell University, where he taught from 1960 to 2002, he is the current editor of the Review of General Psychology.